A preliminary meeting with Purcari Wine Run volunteers took place


On August 30, under the supervision of Sporter project managers Ecaterina
Corolenco and Olga Iurco, a meeting was held with Purcari Wine Run volunteers.  

The meeting was held at Sporter organization office, where the volunteers were assigned their responsibilities for different points along the route, and each of them got through a mandatory instruction.


On the day of the trail run through the vineyards, the event will be attended by
25 verified volunteers selected from 85 applicants. The guys will help in the
organization of the event and will ensure the order, so that everything can be
carried out at the highest level.

Each volunteer has been assigned some areas, which he or she will be responsible for throughout the race, until the end of the event.

Please be reminded that Purcari Wine Run is going to take place very soon!  On September 3, 2017, all interested sportsmen – amateurs and professionals, can take part in this fascinating trail run.