About Purcari Wine Run

Purcari Wine Run –  is an unique 10 km trail race, on the biggest winery from Republic of Moldova- Chateau Purcari, organized by Sporter.md.


Here you will find beautiful reliefs, sets of heights, unpredictable soil, and many more grapes.


Each 2 kilometers, you will find pit-stops named after the most popular varieties of wines: Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Rose, where athletes can refresh themselves with fruits, drink water and of course wine.

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The competition is held to promote trail running, and especially through Purcari winery, healthy lifestyle, as well as revealing the strongest sportsmen among professionals and amateurs.

The competition will be held on September 2, 2018.

 Start at 10:00

All amateur and professional sportsmen, wishing to participate in the race, are welcome with prior registration online www.purcari.winerun.md

For the participation in the competition, runners are offered two types of participation packages:

  • Standard pack (includes a medal, a backpack, the official T-shirt, participating number, chronometre chip)

standard package + wine tasting and dinner

Price for Standard Package- 300 lei

Price for Standard Package + tasting- 600 lei

Participation in the race is open to all amatour and professional athletes. Competitors must be familiar with these Regulations.


In August 2016, Sporter organized a test race in Purcari winery, attended by more 200 athletes.

How Purcari Wine Run was held in 2016 you can see here