How to combine running and wine?


For thousands of years, people have been consuming wine to relax after a tiring day, to gain courage before an important conversation, to get a great mood, or to enjoy the flavour of this tasty refined drink. These days, lots of sporting events connected with wine culture are becoming more and more popular. Thus, the Purcari Wine Run race organized by Sporter will take place on the 3rd of September. During the race, the participants will have a great chance to enjoy the best purcari wines.

But how to combine running with wine? Here are three useful tips from Sporter:


– Drink wine moderately

The fundamental principle of alcohol consumption refers to the general state of health, which varies from one country to another. However, drinking or not drinking wine before the start is a personal choice, which is up to you. Just as any other things life, alcohol is good, when used in moderation. Even more, there is increasing evidence that moderate alcohol consumption can have a positive effect on health, prevent heart disease and osteoporosis, as well as reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

You just need to know what amount of wine you can drink while running to avoid getting sick. If you want to reach the finish line, you should avoid dangerous amounts of alcohol. A dangerous amount represents 40 grams of pure ethyl alcohol, equivalent to 300 milliliters of wine for the average middle-aged man.


– Drink not only wine

We advise you to limit yourself to small portions of wine at the pit stops, which will be located every 2.5 km along the entire 10 km track. Do not get drunk, taste it in moderation. Combine the wine with water and fruits, which will be offered by volunteers at the pit stops. To combat dehydration, you should drink 240 ml of water for each portion of wine consumed.


– Purcari Wine Run – a pleasure run

The wine relaxes and calms for a period of time, which is very suitable for the Purcari Wine Run. This event is not a competitive one, but rather a recreational one, so as you can enjoy the scenery and the wines. As for the 10 km distance, you can run it at a calm speed. The main thing is to keep within the 90-minute time limit.

Please be reminded that registration for Purcari Wine Run race continues! Amateur athletes eager to participate in the first official 10 km race through Purcari vineyards can register and pay entry tax online.

Limited number of start packages for Purcari Wine Run! Only 300 people can participate in the race!