How to run a trail race through the vineyards of Purcari


Trail running is something very unpredictable because relief and surface condition constantly change during the course of the race. You need to be very careful and develop your coordination. Technical trail is a major challenge for beginners. Experienced athletes overcome such areas in a very “relaxed” mode, as if running on an even and stable surface, no by-movements. And all these at high speed.

The Purcari Wine Trail Run differs from other trail races in relief – it’s not as complicated as running along mountain ranges and forests. Of course, there are clambers and unpredictable parts, but all of them add to the charm of the trail, as well as the wine that will be offered to participants at pit-stops every 2 kilometers.


You can quickly learn how to deal with technical trail. You need to develop your eyes-feet coordination as you follow on the race. As soon as you get the “trail sense”, you’ll be able to move with more confidence.

1. Always try to watch at a 2-4 meters distance in front of you. As soon as you move your eyes to your feet, you start losing speed.

2. If you run across an area covered with a lot of big stones, use your head and choose the largest and most stable stones, land your forefoot softly.

3. Try to keep to a straight line. When you start waving left and right, you increase your route and spend more energy. This is the most common mistake!

4. Use your hands to maintain coordination.

5. When running uphill on loose trail, you should choose the hardest portions to land your feet. Keep your trunk slightly inclined forward.

6. When running downhill on loose trail, if steep slope, you should land softly on your heel or run sideways to prevent falling.

7. As for running through mud and sand, it is very important to run economically, as this is an unstable surface. Your feet would “sink” and slide in all direction. But for a more economical run you need to land on the forefoot and at the same time avoid making long steps.

8. Choose the right shoes. Trail runners generally prefer special trail shoes with wavy sole, which is harder if compared to running shoes. As a rule, soles of this kind are made of light and flexible nylon plastic, preventing foot injuring because of trail irregularities. In addition, shoes made for this race are higher than those made for asphalt running. Trail wavy soles are solid and confidence-building, softening the ride and improving grip. Shoes are made for an easy lace-up, endowed with protective covers to prevent the ingress of sand and mud. Made of extremely durable materials, water and mud resistant. Reinforced seams.


Please be reminded that registration for Purcari Wine Run race continues! Amateur athletes eager to participate in the first official 10 km race through Purcari vineyards can register and pay entry tax online.

Limited number of start packages for Purcari Wine Run! Only 300 people can participate in the race!