Hyundai, official car of Purcari Wine Run

IMG_8084It has become a commonplace the support of the official Hyundai distributor in Moldova, Pacific Motors auto center, for sporting events organized by SPORTER. Now Hyundai is the official car of Purcari Wine Run, which will be held on 3 September, 2017. And it’s not at all surprising, as the cross-country race through the vineyards of Chateau Purcari is very closely related to the philosophy of the brand. Purcari Wine Run is a way to join the traditions and, at the same time, open new horizons. Due to Purcari Wine Run, we all have the opportunity to join the cultural values of our ancestors, while keeping up with the speed of the modern lifestyle. Namely these principles – the preservation of ancestral values and the search for new ways of development, make the bond between Purcari Wine Run and Hyundai.

DSC_0490The Pacific Motors auto center started its activity in Moldova 15 years ago, in an emerging unstable market, which was oversaturated with various car offers. For all these years, the ambitious team has followed the chosen strategy, aimed at achieving long-term success for Hyundai Corporation. And currently, Hyundai brand in Moldova holds a stable position in the rating of the market leaders. The number of those who choose Hyundai cars is constantly growing, with a total of over 4,500 cars.

Since 2010, Hyundai has been in TOP 5 of leading car manufacturers on a global scale. Also, it is number 39 among the largest brands in the world, and number 3 on Moldovan automotive market. We’re intending to make Hyundai the favorite brand among the local car enthusiasts.

We thank all our customers for their trust and choice! We are supporters of a healthy lifestyle and we like being partners for such events. Since 2002, we have been partners for UEFA and FIFA. As well, we support Geotermal football team and the South Korea Ambassador’s Cup in Taekwondo.