Sporter expresses its appreciation to the partners of Purcari Wine Run

On September 3 took place Purcari Wine Run – a unique trail race, which was held in the vineyards of Chateau Purcari, organized by the sports public organization Sporter.

This race wouldn’t have been held if Sporter partners wouldn’t support it, and especially: the co-organizer Chateau Purcari, Hyundai company, the producer of water Aqua unIQa, Puma store, and also fitness club MaxFitness.


Besides the fact that Chateau Purcari offered the territory where the race was held, there also were organized relax zones for participants, where they could taste the products of the winery. More than that, the winners of the race have got select wines from Chateau Purcari as a prize.


Hyundai company, the long-time partner of Sporter, this time organized the start of the race using its car. On the stretch between start line and vineyards, Hyundai Tucson, driven by a specialist of the company, acted like a pace-car, holding back the runners.


Aqua unIQa offered unlimited quantity of water which was spread along the route, so that participants didn’t have to carry their own water supply.


MaxFitness gave the winners a gym membership for classes in its own fitness center, so that sportsmen could maintain their excellent physical shape.


Also, the winners of the race have got a gift certificate from the famous sportswear manufacturer Puma for all its products.

The organizers one more time express their gratitude to Purcari Wine Run partners, and hope for a further fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.