Why You have to participate in Purcari Wine Run

On September 3rd, Purcari estate will host an unique race, which is singled out by the specific atmosphere – the immediate proximity of the Black Sea (only 50 km) and the Dniester river.

пуркарь3As it was proved, Purcari vineyards offer the perfect location for speciality winemaking as well as for the organization of trail races.

пуркарь 0Thus, the benefits of taking part in the trail race include the fact that, during the race, athletes will be able to give a try to their sportive spirit, get in touch with historical origins and old traditions of winemaking. The complex route, added to the clambers and unpredictable parts, will be absolutely rewarded by the amazing view of vineyards full with grapes, which ripen in the period when the race takes place.

пуркарьNevertheless, the athletes will be enchanted not just by the close proximity of the vineyard, cultivated in accordance with French viticulture. Sportsmen will have the wonderful occasion to taste the famous Purcari wines, which bear the print of the location.

пуркарь1On the adjacent route, in the heart of the vineyards, four pit-stops will be set up. There the participants will be able to have some fruits and taste the finest wines, just in small amounts so as to replenish their forces and continue the trail.

Therefore, taking part in Purcari Wine Run, you have the splendid occasion to meet the bright Moldovan autumn in a spectacular way, become part of the winemaking tradition, and, of course, launch a challenge to yourselves in a real trail race.